Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

The Stetson Powell Internship Program is designed to provide practical experience to college graduates bound for medical school. The program is one year long and is a paid position. Interns work directly with the physicians, learning on a state of the art electronic medical record system how to take a medical, social and family history, a history of present illness and how to record a physical examination. Interns review X-rays and MRIs from the in-office extremity MRI, and learn to synthesize information into a list of possible diagnoses. In addition, interns have the opportunity to see both arthroscopic and open surgery of the shoulder, knee, elbow, hip and ankle. They engage in ongoing research projects with the goal of publishing their projects in peer-reviewed journals. Finally, interns have the opportunity to learn the business of medicine by sitting in on in business and financial meetings of the group. Our program started in 2005 and we are proud that all of our interns have been accepted into medical school.

Here is what some of our interns have said about the program:

Robert Whitehill – University of North Carolina Medical School

The Stetson-Powell Internship Program was nothing short of a life-changing experience. When I began working at Stetson-Powell, I was thrilled by the opportunity to have daily exposure to medicine and the requirements of operating an orthopedic office. The internship provided me with the chance to not only glimpse first hand the life of a physician but also gave me an early education in clinical skills that is not available elsewhere. Whether learning to interview patients, reviewing imaging studies or discussing diagnoses and treatment options with the physicians, the medical education offered was an invaluable springboard to my future career. While working at Stetson-Powell I also had the chance to follow patients from their first visit to the office through the entire course of their treatment, an experience I found both rewarding and satisfying. In light of all of the attractive features of the internship, perhaps what I value most from my time at Stetson-Powell was the chance to learn from the renowned physicians who quickly became lifelong mentors. The physicians personally invested themselves in my medical career and I still count them among my most valued teachers and counselors. I strive to one day emulate them in my future career and am grateful for the opportunity they gave me to join the Stetson-Powell team.

Robert graduated from the University of North Carolina and is completing his residency in Pediatric Cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard University Medical School.

Anna Kukhta – Past Intern

I graduated from UCLA with a B.A in psychology and a strong passion to become a doctor. After graduation, I decided to take a year off to work and take a break from studying. With graduation looming on the horizon, I began looking for full-time employment. Initially, I was not certain as to what I wanted to do during my year off and was open to all possibilities. I found the Stetson Powell Orthopedics internship on UCLA’s employment website. I was very excited for the opportunity to work with such respected physicians; however, I was unsure as to what the job would entail.

This position provides me with the opportunity to have a birds-eye-view into the life of a physician. I do not just see glamorous and exciting aspects of being a doctor, but also the many difficulties that come with living a life of a physician. This internship has allowed me to learn the art of history taking and patient communication. As pre-medical interns, we are treated like medical students and are taught to think, feel and act as physicians. This is a great opportunity which has allowed me to shadow and work with world-class surgeons, who have taught me the necessary skills to succeed in medical school.

Anna completed Tufts University Medical School and and matched in General Surgery.  She also recently completed the Boston Marathon.

Shalen Kouk – Past Intern

I graduated from Cornell University in 2008 with a B.SC in Biology. I decided to take a year off before attending medical school and began searching for a full-time position in the medical field. I found a listing on my Cornell Career Services website for a pre-medical internship at Stetson Powell Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. After flying to sunny California and hearing more about the internship, I accepted the position. Through the hands-on interaction with patients in the office I have learned how to practically apply my knowledge to real-life situations. I have observed shoulder, knee and hip arthroscopies as well as discovered the intricacies of owning and running a private medical clinic. Anna and I are also organizing a trip to Cuba to provide orthopedic medical supplies and training to underserved communities. Not only has this internship solidified my desire to go to medical school, but I feel more prepared for the journey ahead of me.

Shalen completed Case Western Medical School in Cleveland and is currently a third year resident at Hospital for Joint Diseases/NYU in New York, Dr. Powell's alma mater.